Bridging the Crypto-Fiat Channel

Receive & send all your crypto-currency settlements in USD. Withdraw to your bank account instantly via SEPA.

We safeguard you from market fluctuations

Receive Bitcoin payments that are instantly converted to USD and stored in your account with a static value!

Automatic conversion

Receive Bitcoin and get USD settlements instantly and automatically.

Top up / Withdraw

Withdraw your funds to a bank account or top up your Sendbit account any time.

Business API

Accept Bitcoin payments on your website and Receive USD automatically.

Withdraw your crypto-settlements in EUR instantly

Withdraw your USD balance to your bank account at any given time instantly - transfers reach your account within 1-6 days.

We are compliant with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and may require KYC for withdrawals.

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We protect you from market fluctuations

When you receive Bitcoin payments they're instantly converted to USD safeguarding you from any Bitcoin market fluctuations.

You can then withdraw your settlements to your bank or send USD to anyone, when you send a USD payment it's converted back to BTC instantly so your recipient gets Bitcoins

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Apply for an account to see if you're eligible for a business account.

We usually review requests within 24 hours and let you know if you're eligible for a business account, we do not endorse ICOs, IPOs or any high risk businesses.