AML & Financial Crime

To be complaint with THE FCA ( we require all members to verify their account. In order to verify your account please navigate to your dashboard and you'll see a notice on the left side menu bar "KYC", once you click on "KYC" a pop up window will open asking you to submit a selfie of your self, passport photo and proof of address. Verification can take up to 5 working day but it's done much sooner if the right documents are provided.

Any information submitted will be kept private and confidential, KYC is not required for accounts holding under $3,000 however if you wish to transact more than $3000 and have no transacting limits, then KYC is required.

KYC is conducted via ( and all data is kept secure, never to be shared with anyone! Unless requested by the FCA.

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If you have any questions you can email us at support[at]